Development Engineer [Automobile or car navigation system/Tokyo]

  • 正社員
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • $24000 USD / 年収
  • 正社員
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • $24000 USD / 年収

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Position: Development engineer for automobile, car navigation system etc.
Work location: Sapporo, Tokyo
Employment Type: Full-time
Department: IT system
Probationary period: 3 months
Working hours: 08:30 –17:30

Embedded control in microcomputers such as automobiles and car navigation systems. Programs using C, C ++, C #, Java. Simulation using Linux, MATLAB, etc.

Job requirements:
・ Languages ​​such as C, C ++, C #, Java
・ Studied in information systems and have knowledge during school days
・ JLPT N3 level or above

Annual salary: 2.5 million yen or more

Company benifits:
◆ Commuting allowance, regional allowance, post allowance separately provided
◆ Overtime allowance, midnight allowance, holiday work allowance, business trip allowance.
◆ Bonus once a year (April)
◆ Twice a year (July / December)

◆ Company housing and single dormitory
◆ Childcare leave system, nursing care leave system
◆ Scholarship repayment support system
◆ Retirement allowance system
◆ In-house recreation center (Katsuura)
◆ Benefit station available

Holidays: Annually 115 days.
◆ Complete weekly two-day system
◆ Paid leave, special leave (condolence leave), summer leave, year-end and new year leave, prenatal and postnatal leave, judge leave, physiological leave, child nursing leave, Nursing leave, childcare / nursing leave
◆ Maternity leave / childcare leave: 100% acquisition record

Application Method:
Please apply from the site below (registration required)

Please send us your update English & Japanese resumes at:

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b_cause inc

b_cause inc