Build up your career as a System Development Engineer [Tokyo/ IT Industry/ JLPT N1]

  • 正社員
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • 57000 USD / 年収
  • 正社員
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • 57000 USD / 年収

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Position name: Foreign nationality * System development engineer/Metropolitan area
Vacancies: 1
Employment: Full-time employee
Work location: Tokyo Japan
Trial Period: 3 months
Working hours: 09:00 – 18:00

Main Business:
Human Resources Business

[Job description]
~ 73% prime rate! Development of WEB/smartphone apps/realizing ideal career

■ Duties:
As an employee of our company (Persol Technology Staff), we will provide technical support at the trading client.

・Next-generation card payment system migration development (from PHP to Java)
⇒ Java, MySQL, Linux/basic/detailed design-implementation-test
・Gourmet word-of-mouth website development
⇒Ruby, JavaScript, MySQL, Linux/Detailed design-operation
・Curation media development
⇒Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Linux, MacOS/Detailed design-Implementation-Test-Operation
・Application development for iOS and Android
⇒ Objective-C, Java, Oracle, iOS, Android/Detailed design-implementation-test
・IOS drone operation application development
⇒ Objective-C, Swift, MySQL, iOS/Detailed design-implementation-test
・WEB system development
⇒ PHP, JavaScript, Mac, docker, git/Detailed design-implementation-evaluation
・Development of major communication carrier portal site (migration from on-premises environment to AWS)
⇒ PHP, MySQL, Linux/basic/detailed design-implementation
・In-house IoT service system development
⇒ Linux, Windows, PHP, C#, Java, Ruby, MySQL, SQLServer, Azure/Basic/Detailed design-Implementation-Test
Based on transactions with customers in a wide range of industries, the skills will be acquired at the assignees according to the desired career.
From upstream processes such as requirement definition/basic design/detailed design to downstream processes such as programming, testing, delivery, and maintenance/operation.
The fields of work of system development engineers are diverse.

Job Requirements:
・10 years or more in Japan, 15 years or more, who has a Japanese level and Japanese customs that are almost the same as Japanese
・Those with more than 3 years of development experience (work experience)
<Experience language example>
Java (spring etc.), C# (.Net), PHP (FW required), C, C++, ruby (rails), python (FW required), VB (.Net), swift, objective-c, android-java, Kotlin, etc.
Language: Japanese (N1 or above) English: Business Level

Expected annual income when joining the company: 3.7 million to 6 million yen

Benefits & Welfare:
Bonus : Twice a year
Increment : Once a year

Payment of all transportation expenses
■Equipped with various types of social insurance (health, industrial accidents, employee pensions, employment)
■ Full overtime payment
■ Childcare reduced working hours system
■Business trip allowance
■Health checkup (once a year)
■Employee shareholding system
■Asset saving system
■Semi-holiday paid acquisition system
■General welfare organization term insurance system
■ Outpatient allowance (5 times a month, no salary deduction for less than 5 hours in total)
■ Defined contribution pension plan (401K/contribution is made every month other than the amount of annual income presented.)
■Various training attendance

■Full week holidays 2 days ※Depends on assignment
■Holidays, year-end and New Year holidays (12/30 to 1/3)
■Paid leave (when joining a company in April: 10 days will be given on the day of joining)
■ Summer vacation (3 days)
■ New Year holidays (5 days)
■Special leave (Keisuke/marriage/prenatal/postnatal/childcare/nursing/birth/disaster leave, etc.)

Application Method:
Please apply from the site below (registration required)
Please send us your update English & Japanese resumes at:

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b_cause inc

b_cause inc