Infrastructure engineer; experienced person

  • 正社員
  • Japan
  • 76550 USD USD / 年収
  • 正社員
  • Japan
  • 76550 USD USD / 年収

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Work location: Minato-ku, Tokyo

Vacancies: 1-2

Employment Type: Full-time Employee

Working hours: 9:00 to 18:00

Responsibility: [Business description]

· You will be asked to solve difficult problems in the construction and operation support business of cloud systems related to cloud services for major companies.

· You will be committed to improving performance / stable operation, focusing on the construction and operation of the infrastructure. * In particular, you will lead the efforts to continuously improve the availability, reliability, and maintainability of the system. Attractiveness of this work]

· You can gain a lot of experience in creative improvement and problem solving with your own technology for product issues and problems.

· Operation of SCM system for major domestic companies. There is a lot of pressure, but you can grow big and gain experience and achievements that you can be proud of.

· You can feel the joy that the functions you have planned and developed are used by major companies and support the foundation of management.

· Collaboration with overseas development bases and the large number of foreign employees in the domestic development department allow you to work in a diverse environment.

Job requirements:

(Must conditions) Those who fall under the following.

· Those who have more than 3 years of work experience related to server operation in LINUX

· Communication skills in Japanese (communication with clients in Japanese)

· Those who are not allergic to English [WANT]


(Welcome conditions) Those who have the following skills and experience are welcome to do.

· Ansible implementation experience

· Jenkins job implementation experience by Groovy

· Server operation experience on AWS cloud ① SCM SRE

· English ability

· Experience in information security committee of companies etc.

· Experience in troubleshooting Java / Tomcat Web application

· MySQL or AuroraMysql operation experience

· Monitoring operation experience using Prometeus and Zabbix

· Ubuntu server operation experience

· Cloud service operation experience in SaaS format ② BAP SRE

· Communication ability in Japanese (client and Japanese) Communication)

· General level English ability or those who want to improve English in the future

· Web service security measures

· Experience in load distribution and network design through CDN etc.

· Server less architecture configuration / distribution

· Operation experience

· Mobile Service design / delivery / operation experience

· Japanese language level: N1 –N3

· Chinese language level: Standard


Annual salary 6-8 million yen


Company benefits:

Bonus: (Twice a year)

Considered based on experience, ability, advance salary, etc.

Annual salary revision: twice a year


・ Complete weekly two-day system (Saturdays and Sundays), holidays (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) and

・ Flex vacation for the same number of days as the year-end and New Year holidays (12 / 30-1 / 3),

・ Summer vacation (7 / 1-9 / 30) (Arbitrary 2 working days)

・ Relocation leave, marriage leave, abduction leave, spouse maternity leave, etc.

・ Annual holiday days: 123 days or more

Other benefits:

◆ Defined contribution pension, defined benefit pension system (DB / DC)

◆ Property accumulation savings system, employee shareholding association system, condolence money, in-house health insurance association

◆ 360 degree evaluation system, MBO evaluation system, comeback pass system (re-) Joining system)

◆ Mutual Aid Association (GLTD group insurance, general welfare group insurance, injury and illness condolence system, etc.)

◆ Massage room (up to 13 years maternity leave / childcare leave system, with bonus for returning to work)

◆ Welfare cafeteria plan

◆ Welfare pension, Health insurance, employment insurance, labor accident insurance

◆ Transportation expenses (up to 20,000 yen per month)

◆ Family allowance: Allowance for dependent relatives under 18 years old (child allowance)

Application Method:

Please apply from the site below (registration required)


Please send us your update English & Japanese resumes at:

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b_cause inc

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