Overseas sales (in charge of Asia)

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[Job Summary]

You will be in charge of the following operations as an overseas sales representative in Asia.


[Details of duties]

■ To whom: Asia

■ What: The company’s cooked rice processing machine (sushi robot)


Job Responsibilities:

・ Introduction to the local area and sales activities in the local area

・ Proposal sales to local food factories in cooperation with retailers

・ Research and development of new markets, development of new sales channels

* New markets are mainly in South Asia (countries around India)


Mission: Mission:

We would like you to develop and expand new overseas markets mainly in Asia.
Behind the acceleration of domestic rice culture is the existence of the company’s original sushi robot.

The company boasts an overwhelming market share of 70%, and while rice is being reviewed and needs are increasing in overseas countries due to growing health consciousness, it is now widespread in more than 70 countries. ”


Application conditions: Skills

Must Condition:

・ Work experience in overseas sales (preferably import / export related) (3 years or more)
・ English + Korean or English + Chinese (Mandarin is preferable) is above business level

・ Japanese N1 level

Welcome Conditions:

・ Those who are interested in food

・ Experience in the food industry

Work Location:

2-23-2 Toyotamakita, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 176-0012

Working hours:  9:00 to 17:30

Estimated salary: 4-6 million

Bonus: twice a year (July, December * Past performance for 4 months)

Salary increase:  once a year


Holiday leave: [Annual holiday 127 days] Weekly leave 2 days, paid leave (10 to 20 days), summer leave 4 days (paid leave plan granted), year-end and New Year leave, GW, condolence leave, etc.

Welfare: “treatment
Welfare “Commuting allowance, family allowance, retirement allowance system, reemployment system, employee shareholding system, property accumulation savings system, full-time allowance 5000 yen / month, nursing care leave system, childcare leave system, etc.


Social insurance, Health insurance: Yes Welfare pension: Yes Labor accident insurance: Yes Employment insurance:


Transportation: “7 minutes walk from” Shin-egota “station on the Toei Oedo line

7 minutes walk from “Sakuradai” station on the Seibu Ikebukuro line”

Break time:  60 minutes

Overtime hours:   About 10 to 20 hours a month

Employment: Full-time employee

Employment period:  indefinitely


Company overview:

Established January 1961 ■ Number of employees 380

■ Capital 1,154.41 million yen ■ Average age 39.9 years old”


Initial public offering TSE JASDAQ Standard (listed in April 2003)

Headquarters location 2-23-2 Toyotamakita, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 176-0012


Offices “Sendai Sales Office, Morioka Branch Office, Hamamatsu Sales Office, Hokuriku Branch Office, Nagoya Sales Office, etc.”


Manufacture and sale of cooked rice processing machines, filling machines, packaging materials, sushi robots, food materials, etc.

Business content


Company Characteristics:

“Since its founding in 1955, the company has been conducting research and development on food machinery, and has become famous as a company that manufactures and sells sushi robots.

The technology started with the start of manufacturing the bean paste filling machine. Since then, the policy of reducing the amount of rice in the 1970s has led to a major shift to the development and manufacture of food processing machines related to rice. Above all, the development of the sushi robot in 1981 was able to establish sushi, which could only be eaten at special times, as a daily food culture.

It is a leading company that has made sushi popular and has a high degree of social contribution to food culture. ”






Details / Features: A company with a top-class market share in cooked rice processing machines and sushi robots!!!

We develop, manufacture, and sell sushi robots, cooked-grain processing machines, etc. under the corporate concept of “bringing rice staple food culture to the world.” Based on our unique technological development capabilities, we develop unique products, such as “sushi robots,” “Omusubi robots,” “norimaki robots,” “inari sushi robots,” and “gunkanmaki robots.”・ Fun) We provide rice idea products to the market, expand them domestically, and sell them on a global scale.


The company considers the 60th term to be the second founding period, and is considering the growth strategy and structure of the Group, including domestic and overseas. We plan to further expand overseas markets, develop new domestic markets, and carry out new initiatives such as The Corporate Planning Department is further strengthening and developing strategic planning, IR, and corporate functions, and is strengthening the system to build a growth path. “



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