Looking for Development Engineers

  • 正社員
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Salary: $37397

b-cause., inc.

b-cause., inc.

Position name: Development engineers
Work location: Tokyo
Vacancies: 3-4
Employment Type: Regular employees
Department: System Development Division
Probationary period : (3 months)
Working hours: 09:00-18:00

Company Description :
We are engaged in human resources business specialized in IT engineers.
1) Outsourcing business
In-house engineer, partner company engineer, freelance engineer
We are currently working on 50 projects with 250 employees.
2) Education and training
We undertake free skill up training and company new employee training.
Java/PHP programming training institute “”Programmer College””,
We operate an engineer college, a Linux server training institute, and produce over 1000 engineers annually.
In addition, since December 2018, we have been operating “”OCTOPASS”” to train CTO/Tech Lead.
3) web integration/contract development business
Currently, we have 10 in-house development engineers and are mainly engaged in web system development for growing companies.

Main Business:
Software/Information processing, Human resources business

We are also developing a matching system for job seekers and companies in collaboration with a certain major personal characteristic diagnosis company (a record of introduction by 6000 companies). We will build a system that improves matching accuracy while performing analysis using the data of 6000 employees.
You will be involved in all phases of planning, development and operation.
■ Back end JavaScript (Node.js environment)/PHP7
■ Front end JavaScript/jQuery/Jade/Pug/JSX/React
■ Framework Express/Bootstrap4
■ DB MySQL/MongoDB
■ORM Sequelize
■ Platform AWS/GCP/GMO series OS CentOS7/Windows10/Mac
■ Version control GitLab
■Middleware Docker/WordPress/Vagrant/VirtualBox…etc
■ Development method Scrum development
■ Other proven languages Java8/SpringBoot2/Hibernate/Laravel/Eloquent
Job requirments:
(must conditions)
・Over 1 year programming experience
(At least two from below: PHP, Java, JavaScript, Phython, C#, Angular/React.js, Node.js ).

Company benefits:
Expected annual income: 2.5 M-4 M JPY
Wage system: Others (daily pay, hourly pay, etc.)
Break time: 60 minutes
overtime work: 20 hours per month on average
Conditions of treatment/Bonus: ・Monthly salary x 12 months + profit-linked incentive
Welfare: Equipped with various social insurance, commuting transportation expenses paid
Smoking environment: In principle, smoking is prohibited (there are smoking areas for smoking only)
Holiday vacation:
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, GW, summer, year-end and New Year holidays, condolences, paid leave

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