Data Analyst

  • 正社員
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • $55800 USD / 年収
  • 正社員
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • $55800 USD / 年収

b-cause, Inc.

Position: Data Analyst
Work location: Tokyo, Japan
Vacancies: 1
Employment Type: Full-time
Probationary period: 3 months
Working hours: 10.00-19.00

Job Description:
As a data analyst for the data analysis team in the department for large-scale mobile online game titles, we will commit to analyzing multiple smartphone game apps in charge and maximizing app profit using the results.

[Specific work content]
1. Ad hoc log data analysis for application management issues using SQL and statistical analysis tools
2. Reporting of knowledge obtained through analysis and service improvement proposals
3. Log item design for analysis of each title of game application
4. KPI specific to each game application title and form creation with BI tools

Job requirements:
1. 2 years or more experience in business/service improvement proposal using data analysis output
2. Experience in ad hoc data aggregation for many tables using DWH
3. Basic knowledge of RDBMS
4. JLPT level N1
5. High logical thinking ability

Welcome conditions:
・General knowledge about smartphone game application business
・Out-game cycle design and operation experience for smartphone game applications
・Experience using Google Docs
・Experience data visualization using Excel or BI tools
・Experience using analysis tools such as R, Python, SPSS, etc.
・Experience handling big data in cloud environment such as AWS/GCP

Expected annual income when joining the company: 4 million yen to 6 million yen
Break time 60 minutes
Fixed overtime pay system
Fixed overtime hours: 45 hours
Additional payment of wages for overtime work exceeding fixed overtime hours

Conditions of treatment/Bonus:
・Full payment of transportation expenses
・Salary assessment twice a year
・Based on the company’s standards, taking into account the balance of previous year’s income and experience.
・Including overtime allowance for 45 hours each month.
・A separate allowance will be provided for overtime work over 45 hours, late night worktime, and holiday work.
・Even if overtime work is less than 45 hours, full overtime work will be paid.
・The above does not apply to managers and persons subject to the discretionary labor system.

Comprehensive social insurance, condolence money, free clothing, in-house award system, in-house circle, free drink, mobile device purchase support system, cumulative stock investment system, birthday gift system, peer bonus, PC glasses purchase assistance, movie viewing assistance, social gathering assistance, book (DVD/game) purchase assistance, seminar/training assistance, power lunch, childcare flex, childcare at-home work, childcare shortened work hours, childcare assistance, maternity gift

Holiday: Annually 126 days.
Weekends, Summer vacation, Year-end and New Year holidays, Annual paid leave, condolence leave, refreshment leave, birthday leave, daddy mom leave, spouse maternity leave, Child nursing leave, prenatal/postnatal leave, parental leave, disaster leave

Application Method:
Please apply from the site below (registration required)

Please send us your update English & Japanese resumes at:

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b-cause, Inc.